Victim Assistance Centre
1310 Prairie Suite 1030
Houston, Texas 77002
Phone: (713) 755-5625   
Fax: (713) 755-8824

The staff of the Victim Assistance Centre and I
hope our website will lead victims of violent
crime to safety as they restructure their lives.  
We hope victims of domestic violence will find
the strength and help they need to provide a
safe home for their families.   We hope to
encourage other service organizations to
collaborate with our network of resources for
victims and to provide cross-referrals/training.  
Through our 24-hour emergency paging system,
we are able to respond to needs that require our
immediate attention.  We are also building a
secure website to provide donors an
opportunity to contribute to our service
expansion efforts, or, to make a memorial

Confidential, caring assistance is just a call away

We're here and we care!

Marinelle Timmons,
Executive Director